Mobile X-Ray

Mob Easy

The Mob Easy is the new mobile digital X-ray system of Imex Medical. With an economical and practical design, it can be used in radiology, orthopedics, medical examination department, emergency room, intensive care unit, operating room and neonatal pediatrics and fully understand the demand for hospital digital radiography.

Raios X móvel - Imex Medical - Mob Easy - 02

Foot brake specially designed to facilitate the start and end of operation.

When you find obstacles in front of you, step on the anti-backrest and make Mob Easy pass through the obstacles without any problems.

Distribution panel with a single button.

Intelligent peripheral interfaces.

17” touch screen, processing, displaying, storing and transmitting images at high speed.

High image chain index

High power, high voltage 40kW generator with high heat capacity of the X-ray tube provide a solid base for its output. The wireless flat detector makes the position more flexible. In addition to having a solid base for high quality images.

Light and flexible

Compact structure, ideal for narrow spaces, Mob Easy can achieve a complete 360º rotation for easy movement.

Foldable support design, the operator when moving the equipment, his line of sight is not obstructed by it, allowing him to look straight ahead without avoiding collisions.

New energy design

Equipped with dynamic lithium battery, dual power supply, light weight, small volume, very short charging time and increased longevity.

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